Making cakes is an art form.


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    Azuki Cheesecake
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    Azuki red bean is cooked together with sugar in Japan and Korea as a sweetener for many different desserts in that region. We use this delicious red bean as a flavoring for a New-York style cheesecake with Digestive butter crust.  It is decorated with raspberries and topped with silky smooth Japanese red bean paste. This cheesecake was developed especially for Tokumaru restaurant in Tallinn where you can purchase by the slice.

    Ingredients: Azuki bean conserve, cream cheese, quark, sugar, egg, flour, Digestive, butter, vanilla extract, berries

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    Berry Cheesecake
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    Creamy cheesecake with a juicy combination of blueberries, raspberries and currants on a digestive biscuit base.

    Ingredients: cream cheese, quark, berries, sugar, eggs, digestive cookies, butter, flour, vanilla extract

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    Raspberry cake. Gluten free
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    Light and delicious layer cake with tangy raspberry mousse and almond sponge cake. Covered with silky chocolate ganache and macarons.

    Ingredients: sugar, egg, vanilla extract, whipped cream, raspberries, gelatin, chocolate, almond flour, powdered sugar, butter, sprinkles.

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    A classic bun with a whisper of cardamom. You can choose from four different filling flavours: curd with black currant, chocolate mousse with a hint of mint, marzipan, and pistachio-strawberry. All buns are topped with real whipped cream.
    NB!  Dear friends! Since this year you have been very quick, the orders have already been filled for February 13th.
    You are welcome to visit our bakery, where we sell all of our flavoured semlor.
    In addition, we sell semlor til the end of February so everyone can have a taste!
    Bun ingredients: Flour, egg, butter, sugar, salt, milk, yeast, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and cardamom.
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