Sandwich cake


Perfect for those party occasions when you need a sandwich in the form of a cake.  12 servings in each cake.

Salmon sandwich cake ingredients:  black bread, salmon, cream cheese, sour cream, corn, cucumber, bell pepper, green onion, chives, herbs and spices.  Weight approximately 2.4kg.

Ham sandwich cake ingredients:  black bread, white bread, ham, cream cheese, sour cream, whipping cream, green onion, herbs and spices.  Weight 1.9kg
Garnishes may consist of smoked cheese, lettuce, radish, or other seasonal ingredients like pomegranate seeds.

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Flavor Ham flavor 1,9kg Salmon 2.4kg Smoked chicken 1,9kg
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Salmon sandwich cake 2.4kg

Ham sandwich cake 1.9kg


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Ham flavor 1,9kg, Salmon 2.4kg, Smoked chicken 1,9kg